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The Stall-Move Paradox

Imposter Syndrome: a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.

Yeah. It's a thing. Most mentors experience this BIG time. It doesn't even seem to matter what stage of your career you are in. It creeps up on us and whispers in our ear

"Who do you think you are?"

"Why should they listen to you"

"You have NO room to talk on that subject"

Or my personal favorite

"Do you REALLY think you can succeed in this? Look at how awesome other people are at what you are fighting to succeed in."

The thing is, you ARE qualified. I read another blog this week that helped me in a big way with this, and my apologies to the author, but I neglected to bookmark your work! (sad face). It can be distilled down to the following:

"True imposters do not experience imposter syndrome. It's a product of you trying to protect yourself from your own success. So get excited when you are plowing forward on something you do not feel qualified for. You are in good company."

The best way to get over the Imposter Syndrome? MOVE.

This is where the paradox comes in... you are already moving. It's why you are experiencing this feeling in the first place. When this feeling shows up most of us want to pause and make sure we aren't in completely over our heads. We stall. If you really want to get past it, move onto more of what you are doing, more of what you are trying, more of what you are succeeding in, but even more of what you are failing at.

MOVE on that hard conversation you need to have. MOVE on reaching out to your dream client. MOVE, and MOVE again.

We are trying to change the way the counseling industry works by introducing something we were searching for desperately: a way to mass-customize emails for our clients. This is where I look in the mirror and see what I feel like is an imposter.

I'm pushing to get this platform built and have nothing to show yet (even though the work is being done). We don't have the critical mass to get enough buzz for the product. I'm pushing 12 hour days and have feel like I have little in the way of tangible results. I must be a phony on this. I must be one of those people who talks a big game but can't deliver. I must be the imposter.

Instead of stalling:

I'm writing another blog post.

I'm reaching out one-on-one to more social media contacts.

I'm expanding my LinkedIn network to connect with the right people.

I'm betting the farm on what I believe.


And I'm moving to get past my imposter. I'ma get some Windex and wipe that smug little git's face off my mirror!

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