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Common-sense organization.

It was a cold winter evening and Melissa had just received her new widget kit in the mail. She unboxed it filled with excitement, not quite knowing what to expect. After taking out all of the components of the kit, she laid them out in front of her on the floor. Each item looked different and had an important role to play in getting the widget up and running. From detailed instruction manuals to power cables and USB dongles - every piece of equipment was neatly packaged and labeled, making it easy for Melissa to understand exactly what every thing did. As she began to experiment with the pieces, she realized that having the kit had cut out a lot of trouble for her and made it much easier to set up her new widget.

This kit served no purpose besides building that widget. But the widget was critical to her design - it would take her project to the next level. She worked diligently, carefully following the instructions and setting up each piece of equipment. After a few hours of hard work, she had successfully completed the construction of the widget and was all set to move forward with her project.

Grahamity helps you deliver "kits" to your clients.

Just like Melissa's widget kit, Grahamity "Boxes" can be thought of as carefully curated collections of digital resources. The contents need to be chosen to provide clients with all the tools they need to succeed in a very specific area related to their overall objectives. The contents of the box must be selected to be both relevant and useful, providing clients with everything they need right away in order to make progress towards their goals.

These resources could include text documents, videos, images and any other type of digital content that is relevant and helpful. Putting together the right selection of resources and understanding how they work together can make a huge difference in achieving success. With the right box in hand, clients will move to success very quickly.

It's important for boxes to be related and make sense in the context of the overall project. Imagine getting a set of kits for a project, but finding that the order in which you get those kits don't connect to each other. This can lead to confusion and wasted time trying to figure out the structure of it all. Having a logical structure helps keep clients on track and focused on their end goal.

This is why we implemented a Group base structure for the organization of your curriculum. Grouping boxes can look different for each trainer or coach, usually falling into one of three methods: importance, general subject, or flow-related.

An importance-based grouping system would likely be used if your training/coaching has one capstone important skill that needs to be repeatedly revisited. This trainer may believe keeping track of all the elements in a project from most to least important will lead to a more successful outcome. By organizing tasks into levels of importance, the trainer is better able to focus on what matters most and ensure each part of their project has been fully addressed.

A trainer that might use a General Subject based grouping system would likely be one who is employed to work on a wide range of general subjects one at a time. Think of an academic tutor. Groups for them may be broken down into Mathematics, Arts, History, Writing, etc... This organization style is better able to retrieve boxes based on the engagement and makes it easier to access materials on a wider range of subjects.

A trainer that might use a Flow-related grouping system would likely be one who works through a set pattern with their clients with variations based on their progress. This form of organization helps with keeping training progress consistent through a training program. Clients are able to better understand the overall concept and ensure all elements work together as intended. By organizing tasks according to their flow, this trainer is better able to see how each part builds upon another and create a complete picture of the project.

Each Grouping type has a purpose, it's all about how you bring your curriculum together. What's yours?

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