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Grahamity Takes ClickerExpo by Storm!

Karen Pryor Academy's "ClickerExpo" is the largest and most prestigious dog training convention in the US, attracting hundreds of attendees every year. With only 9 coveted vendor slots available, getting selected to exhibit is an honor and a testament to the quality and uniqueness of the product. Grahamity was one of the lucky few to be chosen this year, based on its merits as a game-changing solution for dog trainers.

The reception at ClickerExpo was incredible, with attendees flocking to the Grahamity booth and showing tremendous interest in the product. Almost 70% of the "valid targets" or dog training companies, who were present at the event, signed up for Grahamity, impressed by its innovative approach to follow-up resources.

Grahamity's mass customization solution for follow-up resources is a game-changer in the dog training industry. It allows trainers to select the checkboxes that represent what they covered during a session with their clients and hit send. The platform is 97% more efficient than current methods used by dog trainers, making it an instant hit among attendees.

The people who visited the booth were amazed at the efficiency of the platform and the potential impact it could have on their businesses. Many were jumping up and down in excitement, and one woman was even moved to tears by the prospect of the positive impact that Grahamity could have on her business.

Two well-known and respected charitable training organizations, impressed by the potential impact of Grahamity, made enterprise-level requests, adding to the excitement and momentum of the event.

Grahamity's success at ClickerExpo has left the team excited and grateful for the positive reception. The team is working on product improvements to make the platform even more user-friendly, and is looking forward to the next event, where they can reach even more trainers and help them improve their teaching efficiency.

If you're interested in helping spread the word about Grahamity and becoming an affiliate, check out their affiliate page at The team is passionate about making a better world for both us and our furry friends, and is proud to play a role in improving the lives of dogs and their owners.

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