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Hi everyone

My name is Chris.  I built this tool because my company needed it and there is nothing else out there.

Why Grahamity?

The platform is used to write a message containing the smallest bits of information on a topic that can properly educate.

  • -Gram, (noun suffix) of the written form.

  • -ity, (noun suffix) quality or state || also "itty", extremely small

  • -Graham, (noun) my son's name.

Just made too much sense to name it anything else!

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About me

In true-to-form, digestible, chronological, quick-info style here is my story. (Now in bullet points!)


  • I grew up in the Portland Oregon area and went to school to teach college math. 

  • Failed out of college, but got back in by pursuing a different program, a business degree. 

  • Met and married my beautiful wife of 12 years.

  • Graduated with honors and then moved 3,000 miles away from home to Charlotte, NC.  There was no career-opportunity or scholastic pursuit, this was an adventure.  We moved there with zero contacts, zero job prospects, and a shaky idea of where we would be living.  It was hard, but I wouldn't change it for anything.


Dog Training

  • We landed quite by accident as dog trainers.  My wife and I had got our dog Charlotte and she was... well, a normal rambunctious golden retriever.  Fortunately, we worked with one of the best trainers I know (still to this day), and learned the art of dog training.  (

  • Amidst the work there, we were searching for a tool that would make the follow-up process simpler.  As you already know, there's nothing out there that works quite right, but we didn't really have any options. 

  • Fast-forward 4 years and we are pregnant with our first, so we moved back to family in Portland and started our own dog training company.

  • We had our second child.

  • Covid hits.


Building Grahamity

  • I used this time to figure out what that follow-up tool would actually look like for our business.  It took 4 months to get the prototype working, but work it did!

  • Within 12 months we had saved over 300 hours of typing out those follow-up emails. And after two years of using the prototype I showed it to a business mentor.

  • Her jaw hit the floor.  "Every client I have needs this!" she said.  So, I started on the trek to build out an application other people could use.

  • After a year of development, here we are with a product every trainer could use to solve the same problem we needed it to!


That's my story.
Every person in business I've talked to says you need an "about me" section.  I've always felt it's more about the product, the solution, and the value you can drive than who you are.  "About Me" has always seemed like a place to post your ego trip, but I don't write the rules.

In-case you couldn't tell, I was reluctant to put this up here.  But, now that I've fulfilled my obligation to tell you my story and who I am, here is your obligation:

Go use the system to save yourself that same 300 hours a year and use that extra time to change even more lives.

That's why I built this.


Always happy to chat with active users. We want to improve constantly!

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