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The first hiccup

We were attempting to start development today when we received some unfortunate news from our selected development team. "Between the time we submitted our proposal and now, we have taken on new projects. We are now running at capacity and can no longer take on your project." Of course, we don't blame the developer at all, this is our fault for delaying the decision.

Which prompts two questions:

The first question is: "What do we do now?" For this, the answer is simple: We begin the hunt for a new development team. We are looking for a full-stack developer familiar with react.js, and experience bringing projects to life. So far we've scanned quite a few different development companies and there are some who seem interesting, but of course, they are all closed on the weekend. The front runner is a company called "Intentics". The two main reasons we like them over the others are that they have experience building a solution like the one we are offering, and they are familiar with intellectual property law and will likely be able to preserve our Copyright and Patent integrity.

You can check out others we are interested in linked here below: Kanda


The second question is "why did we delay"?

We kept telling ourselves we were trying to be prudent and not take on a project we cannot fully finance before we start. But there were so many variables we were not taking into account; how much we actually had, the cash flow from other projects we could dedicate towards this, the level of commitment from our team, not to mention the excitement generated by everyone we have explained the platform to. This is going to happen, even if we have to spend time and learn how to code it ourselves. Hesitating on pulling the trigger turns out may have been born mostly of - fear.

Is it a fear of failure then? Unlikely, our research has shown this is something desperately needed, our price point is reasonable, our solution is sound, and the use-case data shows consistent positive impact. Fear of success then? Is there such a thing? As it turns out... there is. We were afraid this would become successful to the point where we lose perspective on where we've come from, and how we started. We were afraid of losing our humility, becoming arrogant, too busy for family and friends, and basically becoming those people who you look at and go "you used to be so nice before you were successful." But it doesn't have to be like that. You get to choose who you are in success just as much as you get to choose who you are in failure.

So, we are choosing to stay awesome. We are keeping our family day dedicated. We are keeping our friendships in-tact and healthy. We are going to be the kind of people who continuously give beyond our means to what is important to us. Sure it might slow down progress a little, but if you spend all your time building the life you want, you will forget to enjoy the life you have.

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