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Starting your curriculum

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

How do I get started building out my curriculum? This is simply, the most basic and most frequent question asked. The answer though is quite easy to follow. The next time you end a session, take a minute and record the main concepts you talked about during that session. It will amaze you how many things you record over the course of a week. One of the easiest tools we use internally is Trello. It's crazy easy to organize lists, task, add details, and collaborate with others in your organization. It's a great place to store your content ideas and start getting a recorded feel for your flow. Plus, it's easy to rearrange concepts without the crazy copy-paste thing we all do. (not a paid ad, just a really cool tool we like to use) Reminder: anonymize your data as Trello is not a HIPPA compliant platform.

A person writing down their curriculum

After a week, not only will you have a good list to work with, but you will also have a good way to start organizing your thoughts. Most professionals have a specific flow to the things they work on with their clients: Step 1 followed by Step 2, Step 3, and then it depends. In recording the main concepts you are going to start seeing a pattern, if you aren't already familiar with it. This is one of your greatest assets in building out your program, but it all starts with that first step: Record what you do.

a fitness trainer who has followed-up with his client already

Let's give an example of a sample day's recordings (fitness coach):

2/17/22 Session 1:

- Greeting, allow client to share victories/struggles. - Gave workout set 2 - Covered new diet component: Vegetables as snacks - Covered new diet option: Vegan - Explained how to prepare a simple Steamed Broccoli dish Session 2: - Greeting, allow client to share victories/struggles - Spotted on chest press - Spotted on Weighted Squats (they were doing them wrong) - Taught some extra stretching techniques (calves) - Records show steady weights increase. Great work on the client's part. Session 3: - New Client - Goals: Lose weight, Lower blood pressure - Diet recommendations: Keto - Taught on cardio zones - Taught to monitor heart rate during exercise - First sweat through workout. Session 4: - Client broke ankle in non-fitness-related injury. - Alternative workout techniques for non-affected areas - Sitting row. - Bone strengthening supplement recommendations - Education on tens technology and application to maintain muscle in spite of injury. - Set follow-up for 1 week and 1 month.

As you can see, over the course of a week, this list will start becoming rather extensive, but only takes a 1-2 minutes after each session. The question was where to start. The answer: Tomorrow, record what you cover.

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