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Something is better than perfect.

As I'm trying to come up with new blog topics it hits me... I keep coming up with ideas that aren't good enough. Well, something is better than nothing. So let's just put something out there!

Most clients do not get reinforcement after a session. Full Stop. They just don't. They might have homework, or an assignment, or something like that, but without that reinforcement, they simply will not perform as well.

This is why we built Grahamity. But there is still another problem. Until you are okay with sending out something imperfect, the world will remain empty of the wisdom you could give. How many times have you come up with something you thought would be great, but never got it polished enough to send?

You've heard it said you miss 100% of the shots you never take. In your profession though, the shots you are skipping aren't just a miss for you, they are a miss for a person you've been charged to help.

So, how do you get comfortable with producing things that aren't perfect? In short, you don't. But it is better for your clients to have an idea presented to them poorly, than no idea at all.

As you are building out your curriculum. Think about the topics you are going to cover. Have a bullet-point list if you like, but after you record, only take two shots. In the curriculum I originally produced for my dog training company, we have around 30 videos. Of those 30 videos, we will eventually replace around 75% of them. But if we kept waiting until we had the perfect take, we would have been frustrated beyond belief, and our clients would not have received the guidance that has made such a difference to them.

Another thing to consider as you are making your video set, do you really think your clients care that your cat is walking around in the background? Did they seek your services for your cat, or for you?

We have been heavily bamboozled by "influencers" on social media to think what they are showing is their every day. Nobodies hair looks like that first thing in the morning. The vast majority of what these people do is produce and publish content. So, yeah. It typically looks fantastic.

Unless you want to quit helping your clients and go into full-time video production, your short videos will have flaws, errors, and interruptions. Roll with it. We tell our clients to be authentic, let's take that into what we are doing when creating our content.

Make your first video now!

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