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Falling Into Place

These last couple of weeks have been just a slough of working through things that need to be put together. From getting crazy helpful feedback on an AB test for the home page to getting rejected by Kickstarter, delays with video production to AV bugs in the studio, it's been a bit of a frustrating time.

But, we are there.

  • We've gotten final approval from Kickstarter (Check it out here). And our go-live date is 5/1/2022

  • The results of the AB testing have yielded a much better flow for our website.

  • The delays in video production haven't pushed us past the date we anticipate for funding.

  • The AV bugs in the studio which were causing development issues weren't major and did not significantly impact development time.


  • Our first founder's edition license has been pre-registered.

  • We've found a much better way to create and share our value proposition.

  • Product development had yielded faster Phase I usability items for Grahamity than we anticipated.

All in all been a great couple of weeks.

I cannot wait to have more to share, but for now, we are enjoying a bit of calm. Bring on the weekend!

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