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How fast follow-up is shaping up.

Did you know: Building a software is about 80% planning and 20% coding? Me neither! But, here we are.

  • We have applied for the patent. (12 months in the making)

  • We have connected with investors. (4 months of outreach)

  • We have developed internal wireframes. (4 months of work)

  • We have built a website. (Ongoing, around 80 hours so far at least)

  • We have started and posted regularly to a blog. (2 hours per (x14))

  • We have searched for and found a development company that meets our criteria. (20+ "matches" discovered, 8 outreached, 6 conversations scheduled, 3 contenders who submitted proposals, 2-month process in all)

  • We have co-built high-fidelity wireframes with them in order to ensure proper app delivery. (14 iterations at an average of 4 days per)

  • We have completed a long list of "user stories", which are basically paths clients take within the software. (another 2 weeks)

And we don't have a SINGLE line of code yet.

Moving to this next phase of development is like climbing a cliff. It's going to be intense, it's going to feel like I'm just out there hanging on, it's going to feel like everything could come crashing down. NOW we start writing code.


If we look down we can see how far we have come in a relatively short time. We are actually about 3/4 the way up that cliff we are climbing, and if you look closely at the path ahead, we've been rocking a future-oriented outlook the entire time. Taking the time, in the beginning, to plan our path is going to make coding so much easier, and so much more predictable. It will likely be even easier than the planning process.

It's still challenging. Like, REALLY challenging. Possibly even bordering on wizardry or magic. A developer's ability to take an idea and turn it into something people can use and interact with is one of the most practical skills of the modern age. So it is with our development team at TekRevol.

The idea we presented to them was unpolished, rough, and incomplete. Through collaboration with them, we have arrived where we are now and are very excited to sprint to the finish line on each component. In the meantime, we are spreading the word about the help coming for the helpers. Coaches, start recording your material. Counselors, start compiling your resources. Trainers, get ready for less computer time.

Here. We. Go.

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