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Welcome to the secret page!

Only those pushing to change lives, improve their clients progress, or add predictability and repeatability to their client success stories will ever see this page.  It was literally created for YOU.


There are three basic steps that need to happen before you can truly take advantage of what Grahamity has to offer.

Step 1: Record

(If you already have a written document
on your process you can skip this step.)

Experience has shown most trainers have an idea of how they operate, but nothing is written down.  This makes it hard to replicate, predict, and build around.  One of the best ways to get this down-pat is to record some basic information at the end of every session.  The link below will take you to a template where you can use this proven method to get a solidified grip on how your training flows.

Step 2: Organize

Once you have your reference material, begin with your first lesson and figure out what it is you normally cover.  There is always a foundation layer with every client.  Don't worry too much if a topic goes with lesson one or lesson two.  When you are using the system it's simple to switch, plus you can tweak it later if you like.  The main point is to get it down so you can see it!

Included below is an actual Grahamity client's curriculum flow!

(permission acquired before publishing)

Step 3: Add Content

Now that you have your structure, you just need to record and set up everything you need in a box.  Create a folder on your PC, and add in the pieces you want.  Remember, each box contains the near-smallest unit of learning you can come up with.

The best part is; you likely already have most of this from your current follow-up process!  Just make sure you are covering only one topic and add it into that box.

Ideas of things to put in your box?

- Video Demonstrations

- Verbal Guides

- Infographics

- Documentation

- Forms or Checklists

This is the most critical part because it is what your client will see after your session with them!

Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was the most enduring empire in history.  Start with step one.  When you get to step three it will be much easier, and it really won't take as long as you think, because you will only need to do it once.

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