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Single User License - Founders Pro Edition

Single User License - Founders Pro Edition

SKU: 364215202201

The is a 1-year pre-launch license purchase for a single user. 

  • This license will permit license holder to begin building curriculum once the associated development has been completed prior to activation of the license.
  • This license will permit full access to Alpha and Beta releases of the product. 
  • This license will allow access to Founder webinars around building a successful curriculum.
  • Inclusion in Weekly Founders-Edition e-mail with development progress, roadblocks, victories, etc...
  • Founders Edition badge will be displayed on account. *This may not appear on release version.
  • This license is non-transferrable.
  • License Guarantees

    The Founders Edition License guarantees the user a future rate of $500/yr forever as long as they maintain the license. This license will become active on the date of product launch, which will be announced no later than 2 weeks in advance of the release date, and will remain active for one calandar year. There is a 30-day grace period for expired licenses to maintain their edition, if left unpaid, the account will never again be eligible for a founders edition license.

    The guarantee of the release edition is as follows:
    - Ability to log in to Grahamity platform
    - Ability to modify and organize curriculum
    - Ability to upload files
    - Ability to send a standard e-mail with access to curriculum resources.
    - Mobile application for selecting boxes, adding client-facing notes, and sending the follow-up e-mail.


    Founders Edition Licenses are non-refundable, with the exception of a failure to deliver on the part of Grahamity Inc.
    Failure to deliver constitutes the following:
    - License is unable to be activated for a period of 1 year after the date of purchase.
    - Failure to activate is due to the Grahamity platform not hitting its release date target, or the release date target being moved outside the 1-year activation timeframe described above.

    All refunds are done solely at the discretion of Grahamity Inc.

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